Partial and integral telephone management solutions

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We are Telat

We offer customizable solutions to the needs of your company. We guarantee the quality and safety in the Contact Center services that we offer to our customers. Get to know our solutions and communication channels, which allow us to function as the best alternative to be the voice of your company

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Immediate benefits

Our services offer immediate benefits for our customers, among which are:

Increase in contact with potential clients or prospects

Reduction in administrative cost and payroll

Reduction of office use or rent

Professional team in charge of the operation

Successful recovery of your portfolio

Countries where we have service coverage

Security, Technology and Scalability

With more than 15 years of experience in the market, at Telat we offer:

  • A range of customizable services that meet high security standards

  • We have a bilingual and professional team

  • Diversity of infrastructure and service hours that adapt to the needs of our customers

  • Integrated software with a complete development, operations and local support team

  • Stability and scalability of the company

In 2021 Telat attended:

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Phone calls

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BPO interactions

Some of our customers

Meet our customers with whom we have worked as their team members, managing to offer quality services to be the voice their company.

Stability, Expansion and Growth

At Telat we are in a constant process of expansion, expanding and remodeling our facilities. We have consolidated the market in the USA, counting on the capital investment for quality of service and security levels

Our flexible and adaptable schemes to the needs of our customers, allow us to have a scalable structure that can be adapted to the most demanding projects. In addition to having financial support to continue our growth

Let us be the voice of your company