Service Quality Management Policy

In Telat we provide services as Contact Center, with the appropriate characteristics to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations.

We comply with the legal and other requirements applicable to our campaigns, services, and operations, and continuously improve our Quality Management System and our services

Information Security Management Policy

In Telat, we ensure the adequate integrity, availability and confidentiality of all relevant information owned by Telat, its employees and business partners, including the protection of their personal data, to guarantee relevant entities that all information security risks are continuously controlled.

We ensure compliance with all applicable legal, regulatory, contractual, and other information security requirements, and continuously improve our information security management system.

Business Continuity Management Policy

In Telat, We maintain the continuity of our operation as a Contact Center to ensure the satisfaction of all contractual requirements agreed with our clients, our prestige and competitiveness

We prevent unwanted disruptions from occurring in our operation, implement and maintain response procedures, capabilities and structures to ensure that our business is prepared, and responds effectively and in a timely manner when they do occur, including being able to continue operating during the disruption when it is viable, as well as a fast recovery of information and stability of operation.

Top Management ensures the availability and sufficiency of all necessary resources for the effective operation of the business continuity management system.

We comply with related legal and other applicable requirements, and continually improve our business continuity management system.

Anti-Bribery Management Policy

In Telat we provide our services as a Contact Center, and we carry out all our internal processes and our interactions with both internal and external entities, with ethics, respect and compliance with the law, as well as zero tolerance for acts of bribery, which are totally prohibited in our company.

We demand from all our managers, employees, clients, suppliers and contractors their commitment to effectively prevent, detect and act against bribery, including compliance with all legal and contractual requirements in this matter, applicable to Telat and its personnel, as well as those established by our anti-bribery management system.

Our Chief Financial Officer directs and controls the effective implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of this management system. She has all the authority and independence assigned by our CEO to ensure the effectiveness of the anti-bribery compliance function.

All our employees and business partners have the right, obligation and responsibility to report cases of bribery, or suspicions thereof, as well as to raise concerns in good faith or based on a reasonable belief. To support this, Telat have contracted an independent anonymous complaint service via email.

At this email address any employee, client, user or business partner can also request help, advice or information to resolve concerns related to bribery or other forms of corruption related to Telat.

All inquiries received and reports of cases or suspicions of bribery submitted to this mailbox will be reviewed and analyzed by experts in the field, and channeled for investigation and due attention, so that whoever submits a inquiry or complaint can have the absolute confidence that will be reported in an anonymous manner, treated with absolute confidentiality and guaranteed that there is no retaliation of any type.

Failure to comply with this anti-bribery policy by any of our employees or business partners will lead to disciplinary sanctions and even termination of the contractual relationship.

Telat top management is committed and responsible for the Anti-Bribery Management System continuous improvement.

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