We are Telat

Telat is a company committed to its customers. With more than 15 years of experience in the Teleservices sector, we offer partial and comprehensive services to companies seeking to expand their contact center for customer service, collections, sales, etc.

Our quality services comply with high security standards that guarantee the protection of our customers information. Our young, committed and enthusiastic team provides the best quality and experience of services to our customers.

At Telat we are constantly growing and expanding, seeking to position ourselves as the best alternative for our customers and providing them with the services that suit their needs


In Telat we offer our services as a Contact Center with adequate quality standards that ensure the satisfaction of the expectations and needs of our clients and other business partners, this to generate a continuous growth in our sales volume, utilities and the company value, as well as increasing the satisfaction and quality of our collaborator’s work life, and fulfill our social responsibility.


To be a corporate group that generates high quality services for our national and international Clients, this is to position ourselves as the best business alternative as we contribute with the human and professional development of everyone who works inside the organization.

To be known by our Clients as their best services provider to keep up with our group’s sustainable growth, expanding our presence inside the business industries we are part of, looking to engage in new markets.

Demonstrate in a tangible way our commitment to comply with our corporate social responsibility throughout the fulfilment of the law, and with effective actions supporting people and other target entities inside the communities we work in.

To be recognised by our collaborators as an excellent work place.

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